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"Compliance is the segue to sustainable brand equity."

-- Sheri Tarr


Uniquely positioned at the intersection of cannabis, commercialization, and regulatory compliance, SHERI TARR, JD is the Founder and Chief Advisor of ‘68PARTNERS, a woman-owned and operated business. A former pharmaceutical industry sales and marketing executive responsible for launching products worldwide, Sheri has amassed over three decades of real-world experience operating in an FDA-regulated environment. After her pharmaceutical career, Sheri flipped the script and became an attorney who spent her career in the courtroom holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for deceptive marketing and defective manufacturing. More inspired by medical innovation than litigation, Sheri founded ‘68PARTNERS, a strategic consultancy dedicated to helping cannabis brands and license applicants build sustainable businesses that have a transformative impact on consumers, patients, and the economy.


A former pharmaceutical executive and mass tort litigator, Sheri has a deep understanding of the complex business, organizational, and regulatory challenges faced by life sciences and cannabis industry stakeholders. She knows first-hand the tension between profit and risk, and has witnessed the adverse consequences to companies and consumers that result when these priorities are misaligned. Using her business savvy, legal prowess, and regulatory know-how, Sheri collaborates with clients of ‘68PARTNERS to develop practical commercialization and compliance strategies that strike a healthy balance between financial goals and foreseeable risk.     


Specialties include:


  • Thought Leadership and Industry Insights

  • Commercialization Strategies 

  • FDA Compliance and Risk Mitigation

  • Regulatory Guidance

  • Cannabis License Applications

  • Product Safety from Lab to label™

  • Review of Promotional Materials, Packaging & Labeling

  • Strategic Partnering 

  • Advocacy Before Regulators, Investors, Industry Stakeholders


Over the course of her expansive career, Sheri’s work has covered the spectrum of cannabis and life sciences, including CBD- and hemp-derived products from topicals to tinctures to edibles; medical devices; clinical laboratory testing and equipment; pharmaceuticals; cancer diagnostics and therapeutics; personalized medicine; and biomarker technologies. 


A University of Michigan alum and Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago-Kent College of Law graduate, Sheri is a recognized thought-leader, sought-after speaker, and subject matter expert in commercial compliance practices. Recognized as a 2021 Forbes 50 Over 50 Women Nominee, Sheri also serves in multiple leadership and advisory capacities, including: 


  • Director and Co-Chair Regulatory Committee, New York City Cannabis Industry Association 

  • Director, Cannabis Advisory Group 

  • Special Advisor, Cannabis Business Services 

  • 20 Year Voter Protection Leader and Trainer, New York Democratic Lawyers Council 


See a sampling of Sheri’s speaking engagements.

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