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Be the brand that catches consumers'

attention-- not FDA’s.

Operating a highly regulated business is costly enough. Why pay double for lawyers and brand strategists when you can hire professionals who sit at the intersection of both? Our Commercialization and FDA Compliance team is led by ‘68PARTNERS Founder, Sheri Tarr,  who combines decades of experience with both FDA regulated product commercialization and regulatory compliance. From concept to consumer, we meet you where you are in the product development cycle and provide ongoing regulatory guidance to take you where you want to be. 

Your product packaging, labels, and company website are often the first interactions your customer has with your brand. Accuracy and transparency are essential for establishing trust and building brand equity. FDA and FTC oversight of cannabis marketing is increasing, and the risks of warnings or fines, license suspension, product recalls, or license revocation are real. You worked too hard to cut corners now.


With the shifting regulatory landscape, you need traction from experienced industry professionals like Sheri Tarr who leads ‘68PARTNERS Promotional Review Team (PRT). As a former pharmaceutical marketing executive-turned pharmaceutical mass tort  litigator, Sheri knows first-hand that FDA has authority to regulate cannabis and hemp-derived products, and the agency has a staff who is looking at your company website right now for words, claims, messages, graphics, and even colors that may deceive or mislead consumers and patients. Recent enforcement activities by FDA and FTC also make clear that no cannabis company is too big or small to be warned, inspected, fined or shuttered for compliance violations. And legal actions brought by attorneys representing consumers, patients, and employees are on the rise. 


The costs to your brand, your business, and your customers or patients when labeling and marketing is not compliant can be devastating. The good news is these costly mistakes are avoidable. With decades of experience in both FDA regulated product marketing and regulatory compliance, our PRT provides review of labeling and promotional materials for compliance, a report with recommendations for practical ways to balance creativity with compliance, and ongoing regulatory guidance for brand development and license applications. ​


With precision and focus on the best interests of your brand, your business, and most importantly, your consumers, our Promotional Review Team of pharmaceutical marketing and compliance experts will meticulously review your website and other promotional materials, spot and identify problem areas, and prepare a report with suggested modifications to content that strikes the right balance between marketing and compliance so that you can get -- and keep -- your products on the market while reducing your risk of exposure to regulators and plaintiffs’ lawyers.

  • Commercialization and Regulatory Strategies Designed to Get Your Product On the Market and Build Sustainable Brand Equity

  • Promotional Materials Compliance Review to Limit Risk of Exposure

  • Packaging & Labeling Review to Balance Creativity with Compliance 

  • Local, State, Federal Regulations Navigation and Guidance 

  • Issue-Spotting and Practical Solutions that Ease Your Mind and Keep Your Business on Track.

Do It Right First™  by partnering with ‘68PARTNERS Commercialization and FDA Compliance TEAM who will cost-effectively analyze local, state and federal regulations, find regulatory paths to market, and develop practical commercial strategies that balance compliance with business goals.

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