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A strategic plan is only as good as the team that executes it.

Let’s face it, the cannabis industry is fiercely competitive, painfully expensive, and highly regulated. To survive, much less thrive, as a brand or license applicant, distinguishing your team from a crowded pack while optimizing cost-efficiencies is critical. 

Whether you are an emerging edibles solopreneur or a new license applicant, a license-holder looking to expand or the owner-operator of a 100,000 square foot cultivation facility, you need a thoughtful business plan and an experienced team of skilled leaders to execute it. The Virtual Strategy & Compliance Officer does both. This unique executive role combines FDA regulatory compliance oversight and guidance with commercialization strategy functions required to build sustainable brand equity and successful cannabis businesses.

A trusted professional who combines decades of real-world experience with FDA regulated product commercialization and regulatory compliance, our Chief Strategy & Compliance Officer, Sheri Tarr, can be engaged part-time, full-time, or on a consulting basis tailored to meet your budget and business needs. From concept to consumer or lab to label, we meet you where you are in your growth trajectory and provide ongoing strategic and regulatory guidance to take you where you want to be.


A former pharmaceutical executive and mass tort litigator, Sheri has a deep understanding of the complex business, organizational, and regulatory challenges faced by life sciences and cannabis industry stakeholders. She knows first-hand the tension between profit and risk, and has witnessed the adverse consequences to companies and consumers that result when these priorities are misaligned. Using her business savvy, legal prowess, and regulatory know-how, Sheri will collaborate with your team to develop practical commercialization and compliance strategies that strike a healthy balance between financial goals and foreseeable risk.     


The Virtual Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer provides:  

  • Thought Leadership and Industry Insights

  • Commercialization Strategies 

  • FDA Compliance and Risk Mitigation

  • Regulatory Guidance

  • Cannabis License Applications

  • Product Safety from Lab to label™

  • Review of Promotional Materials, Packaging & Labeling

  • Strategic Partnering 

  • Advocacy Before Regulators, Investors, Industry Stakeholders    


Trust Experience™  and find your path to success in the cannabis market by engaging the superiorly qualified industry professionals of ‘68PARTNERS.

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