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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence

wins championships."

–-Michael Jordan

The cannabis industry is fiercely competitive and one of the most heavily regulated. To survive and thrive, comprehensive industry knowledge, compliance expertise, and the ability to navigate complex regulations are all non-negotiable must haves. License application preparation demands time, extensive effort, and financial resources— with no guarantees of success. And come on, at times it seems the wealthy and well-connected have a smoother and quicker rise. Where does this leave first time applicants and others who are trying to make a meaningful difference in their communities?

At ‘68PARTNERS, we believe every person deserves the chance to participate and find  success in the cannabis market. Designed by legitimate industry experts, our cost-effective and comprehensive approach to preparing license applications helps level the playing field. 


Serving as your specialized cannabis consultants and guides, and leveraging our deep bench and network of proven industry professionals, we provide the greatest amount of traction in an otherwise uncertain, high-risk market. 


Let us help you get started on your journey to operating a successful, sustainable cannabis business.

  • Cannabis Industry Consulting – Risks and Opportunities

  • Preliminary License Application Qualifications Assessment

  • Business Plans Guidance 

  • Brand Identification and Compelling Narratives

  • Full Service License Application Preparation

  • Individual Exhibit Preparation 

  • Ongoing Regulatory Guidance and Support

  • FDA Compliance Consulting

  • Interface with Strategic Partners and Industry Stakeholders


Trust Experience™  and find your path to success in the cannabis market by working with the trusted industry professionals at ‘68PARTNERS. 

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